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  1. Build a strong case with the settlement funds now
  2. Your client isn’t at fault, but their bills and expenses are still due – Shield Legal Funding can support your case and their expenses even before a settlement has been reached
  3. Don’t wait months or years to be compensated for your cases – Shield Legal Funding provides settlement cash advance solutions to you and your clients.
  4. Do you face cash flow trouble during or after litigation because of the delay in settlement disbursement?
  5. Hire experts more freely without worrying about the effect on your firm’s cash flow and focus time, resources and money more efficiently.

Comprehensive Case Disbursement Funding | Case Cost Funding
Pre-Settlement Funding | Post- Settlement Funding

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Shield Legal Funding is the renowned lawsuit funding firm that provides pre-settlement and post-settlement lawsuit funding to plaintiffs and attorneys.

  • Quick, no risk funding to attorney and their clients
  • No restrictions how to utilize the funds
  • Manage cash flow during the litigation process to maximize resources and win the case
  • No pressure to settle early because resources are available to support the case

For many years, we have provided financial support to attorneys and their clients through law cash attorney funding. Our attorney funding helps plaintiffs pay their medical, living expenses, bills and other expenses that don’t go away because of an incident. Attorneys can easily manage expenses and cash flow through disbursement funding, attorney funding, and case cost funding during and after litigation. Through attorney funding and plaintiff lawsuit funding, attorneys have time to acquire the best results.

Shield Legal Funding makes conventional estimates of the lawsuit values to ensure the plaintiff’s lawsuit funding covers essential living expenses and other necessary bills, but does not reduce settlement values. We provide rolling contracts to plaintiffs through which they can set up smaller monthly payments of advances instead of paying one lump sum. Rolling contracts have lesser usage fees and have greater economic value. We strive to assure maximum take away amount for the attorney and plaintiffs at the end of the lawsuit.

Funding options for attorneys

At Shield Legal Funding, we completely understand personal injury victims, potential plaintiffs, and plaintiffs in lawsuits face difficulty paying their bills while waiting for the settlement of their cases. Plaintiffs and attorneys may not receive payment for months or years, even if they settle or win their lawsuits.

As a result of case disbursement funding and case cost funding, many times, plaintiff attorneys have to face cash flow trouble during and after litigation. We help our clients get a fair settlement so they can manage their cash flow easily. At Shield Legal, we offer the most comprehensive case disbursement funding, case cost funding, pre-settlement funding, and post-settlement funding services, at an affordable price.

Our case cost funding and case disbursement funding can help manage cash flow and take the stress out of waiting for settlement or resolution of your cases. You can hire experts more freely, without worrying about the effect on your firm’s cash flow. Enhanced cash flow will enable you to use your time and money for other things.


Within days, not only were we approved for the cash advance, we had the funds
to save everything and get us back on track!